Molten Metal Flow

Molten Metal Flow

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hwyl Nofio - Dark

Hwyl Nofio – Dark - (Ltd Edition: Music CD/Hardback Photobook Project 2012)


is essentially about a South Wales Valley; Pontypool and the eastern valley to be more precise, an area that lies straggled beside the river that runs through it. The Afon Lwyd (English: The Grey River).

A personal heritage runs deep throughout the landscape. Like the lost tunnels mined by the hand of human slavery the music and poetry of the place runs in the blood. Pontypool was not that long ago an industrial landscape scarred by a succession of iron, coal, steel and glass - this was the landscape and playground of childhood.

I have lived in many places; I have settled in Yorkshire; however the heart and soul remain routed firmly in the valley. I return as often as possible to bask in this magical place. As a boy I would sit on the Black mountain listening to the sounds emanating from the valley; the sounds of coal trucks scraping along steel rails, the solitary chime of a church bell,  dogs’ barking in the distant streets. This had been the soundtrack of youth. A strange mystical land informed by stories of people, spirits and legends – the sights of white light heat spitting from the furnace and the constant drone of the church organ.

(All images and text are copyright © Steve Parry 2012 – I don’t take kindly to people stealing my work - Thankyou)

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